Massage Treatments Aims to:

  • Relax tight and tense muscles
  • Improve circulation, recovery time and immune system function
  • Reduce overall stress
  • Treat pain
  • Develop, maintain and improve physical function
  • Relieve and prevent physical dysfunction
  • Heal sore muscles from athletic activity
chair massage

Lifestyle factors, from long work hours or physically taxing tasks, lead many members of the workforce to seek the assistance of a masseuse.

A seemingly minor injury can have a profound impact on a person’s ability to stay physically active and participate fully in life. Massages can be a method to manage and prevent chronic pain.

Many people don’t realize how much a tight muscle impacts on vital things such as posture. A tense muscle can throw off your body’s balance.

Before long, muscles that were not initially tight begin to tense as they compensate for other parts of the body. It becomes a chain reaction that can spread far from the initial problem spot.

A talented masseuse can identify the source of the problem and start working to alleviate the problem where it started.

The movements of hands-on massage cause blood to flush in and out of muscles and joints. This flushing process enhances circulation in the affected areas, and in most cases, aids recovery time from injuries.

People who are stressed are less healthy than people who are relaxed. Stress increases the risk of heart disease and other serious medical complications. Massages are an effective and enjoyable way to reduce stress.

Massages effectively control acute & chronic pain for stress reduction and creates a sense of calming relaxation and positive well-being.