About In-Home Mobile Massages

Besides being the ultimate luxurious treat, mobile massages enhances the function of your joints and muscles, improves your circulation and general body tone, relieves physical and mental fatigue and stress, and increases flexibility and range of motion. A massage heals your mind and body, together as one.

Out-Call Services

Your mobile masseuse provides customized convenient service to your front door. She brings wellness to your home, work, studio or hotel. Don’t lift a finger! Her massage table, pressed linen sheets, lotions, oils, heat pads and healing hands are all transported on time to pamper your body with the right touch it needs.

Types of Massages Offered:

Swedish Massage – The most familiar and relaxing of all massage techniques is used primarily for reducing stress, relieving fatigue, and increasing circulation. This light touch style massage is very relaxing and calming.

Deep Tissue – Concentrated deep work using thumbs and elbows to loosen the connective tissue where muscles attach and knots form. I use trigger point methods to go very deep to relieve built-up tensions.

Heated Massage – Warm gel pad therapy combines traditional Swedish massage with the use of heat pads. The heat enhances the benefits of the massage by warming the muscles and joints creating a deeper state of relaxation.

Sports Massage – Designed for athletes before, during, and after as a part of training regimen to enhance performance and endurance, reduce the risk of injury and lessen soreness.

General Relaxation Massage – a combination of Swedish, light and medium pressure strokes to heal the body from suppressed stress. This full body massage treatment melts aches, pains and soreness away.

Foot Massage – The classic foot massage is a great partner to many other massage services. With foot massages, tension is released, and circulation is improved. This leads to reduced stress, better sleeps, and an overall better quality of life. Enjoy a foot massage now!

Thai Massage – This massage includes rhythmic pressing and stretching of the entire body. The masseuse typically uses hands and straight forearms locked at the elbow to apply firm rhythmic pressure. Moves include finger and toe pulling, knuckle cracking, chopping sensations, back thumping, and deep tissue kneading.

Pregnancy Massage – includes a specialized pregnancy pillow designed for the female form after 3 months of pregnancy to lay faced-down on the table. This massage promotes circulation, relieves lower back pain, tight neck and shoulders and swollen ankles & feet.

There are several types of pregnancy and post-pregnancy massages:

  • Prenatal massage – Great for aches and pains while baby is developing. Also a tremendous stress & anxiety reliever.
  • Postnatal/Postpartum massage – After baby has entered the world, you can still find great comfort and relief in a full body workup designed for new moms!
  • More detail about prenatal & pregnancy massages here

Active Release Technique (ART) / Trigger Point – This massage promotes muscle activation release during movement to help heal painful sensations. Specific points in the body are held or pressed to relieve tension during achy movements.

Kneeling Table Massage – This clothed massage is typical for shorter duration and non-invasive treatments. This massage is ideal at the airport, workplace, birthday party, trade show or event to stimulate blood flow and relieve aches and soreness from prolonged sitting and stress.

Lay Down Table Massage – This unclothed massage is typical for deeper and longer treatments. This massage can be requested for deep tissue, trigger point efforts, Swedish or general relaxation treatments. The client will be draped accordingly to their comfort level and body region worked on.