Past Reviews

She serviced my bridal shower and parent’s birthday party. What a treat! 🙂
Anna S.

She worked on my body after cross-fit training. I was sooooo sore after my competition, and her hands healed me with her deep tissue work.
Luc G.

I felt great after her massage. She came to my condo to calm my stress levels. It was so convenient having her come to my place and I didn’t have to leave the house!
Tom G.

Ashley was reliable, her hands were very skilled. The first time I met her, I was impressed with her confidence & ability to give my body the ironing it needed. I always feel fantastic after the treatments she provides, she’s my regular masseuse weekly and I wouldn’t hire anyone else!
Ben K.

I really love the heat pads she uses to warm up my muscles. Her touch is amazing and I can’t get enough. I would hire her every day if I won the lottery, 2h per day!!!
Mark G.

I like the fact that she’s always on time & never lets me down. She comes to my home, acts professionally and always gets the job done. She’s my favorite!
Marni B.